Tailored revenue strategies for unique hotels: The Amadeus Hotels and HotelPartner success story

The privately owned hotel group Amadeus Hotels has been one of our partners since 2016. In her three hotels, with 16, 20 and 56 rooms and suites respectively, Director Margot Weindorfer is keen to reflect the charm of the city of Salzburg. Together with our Senior Portfolio Manager Lukas Petzi, the hotelier and her Head of Reservations Dusica Milenovic reveal what makes the cooperation between Amadeus Hotels and HotelPartner unique and successful.

Celebrating Individuality: A success factor for both partners

Even before partnering up with HotelPartner, Amadeus Hotels was well positioned. The group has always focused on finding its Unique Selling Proposition (USP) in what makes each hotel unique: Whether it is a chic 1950s style or a beautiful heritage building, each hotel pays tribute to its unique past to offer guests a very special experience they will always remember. And success proves the company right: Margot Weindorfer reports that branding based on authenticity and individuality is an important key to each hotel’s target group.

The cooperation with Amadeus Hotels shows that HotelPartner’s revenue management is also very compatible with smaller companies, says director Margot Weindorfer. Senior Portfolio Manager Lukas Petzi adds: “For us, the key to joint success is to develop strategies that are tailored to the individual hotel and take into account its specific characteristics. The excellent starting position of Amadeus Hotels allows us to jointly refine the finer points of revenue management in order to maintain the high level of quality”.

Trust and Expertise: The basis for a successful partnership

One might think that outsourcing would not be an option for a company like Amadeus Hotels, which has been at the forefront of revenue management for many years. Margot Weindorfer explains why this is a misconception: “Smaller hotels with fewer employees find it difficult to keep up with the rapid technological development. We appreciate HotelPartner’s expertise in the area of revenue management and also benefit from their comprehensive insight into many markets. This gives smaller hotel groups or individual hotels in particular access to know-how that goes beyond the experience of one or a few hotels.”

Knowing that booking systems and pricing strategies are constantly being reviewed by experts is also a great relief for the hotel group,” says Margot Weindorfer. The success of the collaboration has since been reflected in higher rates with less work for the hotel group’s own team.

Another added value of the partnership with HotelPartner for Amadeus Hotels is the support provided by Senior Portfolio Manager Lukas Petzi. The revenue management expert used to work in one of the group’s hotels, so there is a long-standing basis of trust and mutual respect. Because he knows the hotels so well, he is able to make a particularly valuable contribution, explains Lukas Petzi, emphasising the openness of the partnership with Amadeus Hotels. Head of Reservations Milenovic agrees: “The cooperation with HotelPartner works excellently; for me personally, the valuable exchange is particularly important. In addition to the technical expertise and professionalism, it is this mutual appreciation that makes the partnership so successful.”

These qualities lay the foundation for further future success in revenue management for Amadeus Hotels. With the support of HotelPartner, the group with its three hotels is well positioned to respond to current challenges such as shorter booking windows and price dumping observed in the market. The common goal is to maintain the top position of the hotels, to further optimise ADRs and occupancy rates and to continuously refine the revenue management strategy in small steps.

We are delighted to be able to actively support Amadeus Hotels in their further development and look forward to the future.

Thank you Margot Weindorfer and team for the trust you have placed in our expertise so far!

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